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Gc Insertional Mutants

  • The creation of this library of insertional mutants is supported by NIH grant R24-AI155395. Please acknowledge this grant when publishing
  • The list of ongoing FA1090 insertional mutants [gDNA] can be found here – this database of the current GC knockout library will be updated biweekly.
  • Please note: To request any of these available mutants, email us indicating which mutant(s) you need. Many of these mutant DNAs can be used in other strain backgrounds, but transformation could alter flanking sequences.
  • New Gc Mutant Request Form – A form to request FA1090 or MS11 mutants that aren’t presently listed in the available mutant list above.




Genomic analyses

PubMLST – surveillance and genomic analyses for multiple bacterial species inc STDs

Uniprot – Site that aggregates information about each predicted protein, including Alphafold predictions

Uniprot FA1090

BioCyc – Pathway and genome database

BioCyc – FA1090

KEGG – Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

KEGG – FA1090